the secure1, distributed platform for social applications

What is it?

AirDispatch is a simple protocol that combines the important parts of email with the convenience of modern communications platforms. Broadly, it provides:

  1. Security1 - Messages are encrypted and signed by default to eliminate spoofing and worry of interception.
  2. Control - Sent messages reside on the server of the sender allowing more detailed access control or revocation.
  3. Flexibility - Since messages are merely key-value dictionaries, any kind of data can be transferred from photos of friends to 140 character koans.
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Why do we need it?

The internet is changing rapidly. We have moved from a time where people developed open and secure methods of sharing data to an era of entrepreneurship and segregation. Data is being kept in large islands without any chance for interoperability. We are aiming to fix that.

With AirDispatch, users can finally maintain control over their data without the social cost.

Our Projects

AirDispatch Protocol

The protocol is the backbone to the operation and provides a secure, distributed messaging langauge. It features time-tested security, control over messages, and content flexibility.

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Melange is the first service to utilize the new AirDispatch protocol. By sporting a traditional social-network look, it eases users into the idea of controlling their own data.

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Pressure is a simple MVC web framework to quickly create robust applications in the Go programming language. We currently utilize it for in-house projects to simplify interfacing with AirDispatch.

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Sample Applications


Enables users to publish blog posts that can be viewed and formatted around the web.


Basic profiles for people on the AirDispatch network. Quickly get a picture and name to go along with an address.


No more need for passwords when you can use the login application as the first distributed single sign-on service.

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